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I visited the Subway on Broad St in San Luis Obispo, CA with a coupon. First, we ordered a pastrami.

Only one container of meat was put on the footlong, even though this much meat should be on a six inch. Half the meat? Then I ordered a Subway club. I watched her put 4 slices of turkey, 4 small pieces of beef, and two slices of whatever other meat there was, then I was rushed along.

You could see there was not much meat, then the lettuce was a light scattering. They continued to skimp on my toppings, including the condiments. My wife's pastrami was thin. Then when we tried to use a coupon, they still tried to overcharge us $5.

They could not figure it out, and even the shift manager was incompetent in this area. I got frustrated and decided not to take the sandwiches. It's not like they lost a lot of food, since there wasn't much on them. I have had issues at ALL Subways in San Luis Obispo.

It is as if they have the same managers or owners and are all incompetent. Are they hurting so bad that they don't put enough food on the sandwiches to save 50 cents on each sandwich?

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I had a like experience with a club sandwich. Foot long had 2 roast beef, 4 turkey, & 2 ham.

I just want to get what I'm paying for. Also with a coupon.

Norwalk, Connecticut, United States #585605

Ever see their commercials with the food piled so high you can't close the bread? WELL that should be illegal to show on TV because its NOTHING like the food they give you BUT I do love subway so I go there knowing what I'm getting.

Try handing in the coupon AFTER they make the sandwiches see if it changes anything.

to love subway but San Luis Obispo, California, United States #1158871

I held the coupon until time at the register. I have even had trouble without coupons. Sandwich artists?

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